Hotel Classification

The classification of hotels and other accommodation properties is a significant component of the hotel development, and is also important for potential guests. This information allows guests to choose the best accommodation conditions focusing on the hotel star rating that guarantees service delivery and quality of certain level.

Hospitality professionals of SK Hotel Management with work experience for more than 5 years in tourism and hospitality conduct an expert assessment of hotels and other accommodation properties in all regions of the Russian Federation.

What are the benefits of hotel classification?

  • Enhancing market competitiveness
  • Improving the reputation of a hotel
  • Granting status and a certain class to a hotel
  • Opportunity to use the symbol of stars corresponding to a hotel class on the facade of the building, in promotional materials, on the online websites, etc.
  • Reflection of the comfort and quality level of services provided
  • Fair presentation of the guaranteed range of services
  • Marketing support for hotel promotion from the Ministry of Culture of the Kaluga region

In some regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Kaluga Region, etc.) subsidies or tax benefits are provided to reimburse the part of costs for collective accommodation facilities that have been classified.

Hotels and other accommodation properties in other regions are also required to undergo a classification procedure in connection with the adoption of the Federal Law No.16-FZ of February 5, 2018 “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On the basics of tourism activity in the Russian Federation” and the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation for the purpose of legal regulation of hotel services delivery and classification of objects of the tourist industry”. Obligatory classification is introduced in the following stages:

  • from July 1, 2019 for the hotels with a room inventory of more than 50 hotel rooms;
  • from January 1, 2020 for the hotels with a room inventory of more than 15 hotel rooms;
  • from January 1, 2021 for all the hotels.

Documents confirming the status of SK Hotel Management, LLC:

Приказ_аккрелитация_СК Отель Менеджмент Аттестат аккредитации СК (2)

Examples of the documents issued for the properties that has been classified by SK Hotel Management, LLC:

свид-во Ярославль 4 звезды (2) (2) свид-во Ярославль 4 звезды (1) (2)

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